Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Obama Protecting Secret Information for a Change?

I've been harshly critical of President Obama for unnecessarily releasing classified CIA documents. But today, Eli Lake at the Washington Times reports that the president has threatened to limit intelligence sharing between the U.S. & the UK, if Britain publicly discloses details of Binyam Mohamed's treatment while in U.S. custody. I wrote about the situation with Mohamed after he was released to British custody back in February.

Although it is a recent story, it appears to be true. Noted terrorist rights proponent and useful idiot for our enemies Glen Greenwald also has an article up at Salon whining about the adminstration's action. Both Lake and Greenwald provide copies of a letter sent by the U.S. to Britain.

Anyone who cares about national security and the efficacy of CIA operations against terrorism should strongly support the Obama administration on this issue, regardless of partisan differences. Hopefully Obama will stand firm against the howls of outrage from his left-wing base, and the objections of the UK. As I pointed out in my earlier piece, Mohamed isn't even a British citizen, and there is strong evidence that he is an Al Qaeda member.  He openly admits leaving Britain to become a jihadi and deserves no legal consideration at all, let alone any that would compromise classified information. The British are wasting their time and money investigating his claims of torture, when they should just laugh at him. It's good to see that the Obama administration will not meekly play along with UK idiocy.

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