Friday, May 22, 2009

Most Irritating Attack on Atheism?

Hugh Kramer at LA Atheism Examiner lays out what he considers "The single most aggravating argument against atheism." His top pick is that "Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot were atheists, therefore atheism is responsible for mass murder." That's definitely a good one, but I have a different choice. For me the single dumbest, most annoying attack is that atheism requires just as much faith as believing in God. Even though refusing to believe in something you see no evidence for takes zero faith, you will see this argument from theists all the time. How can you reason with people who don't even understand the meaning of the word "faith"?


  1. Totally agree. As soon as someone mentions "Hitler" and "atheist" in the same sentence, I tune out. It is a clear sign that they are just repeating lines being fed to them by the church or their more fundamental pals.

  2. Yeah. Some basic research on their part would uncover that Hitler wasn't an atheist.

  3. because atheists always wear belt buckles reading "god with us".

    the atheism-faith thing is actually easy to disprove is the person is willing to listen to you. just ask them how much faith it takes for them not to believe in zeus.

  4. " just ask them how much faith it takes for them not to believe in zeus."

    Or the Easter Bunny. But that usually just makes them mad :).