Friday, May 29, 2009

HOT5 Daily 5/29/2009

1. "5 reasons why this North Korean crisis is no groundhog's day" Why this crisis is different.

Representative Sample: it’s worth considering how the playing field has shifted (I see five ways that it has), and how this may create a different set of possibilities for the United States and our allies

2. "Lies, damned lies, and Catholics."  Forgery & Christianity.

Representative Sample: There is a precedent for accepting forged documents in Christianity, though, possibly the largest and most profitable fraud in all history. It post-dates the Bible, but still stands as a perfect example of how inconvenient truths can be ignored for the sake of the Church’s “greater good”

3. "Climate activism and the thrilling possibility for totalitarianism" Even those of us on the right that don't deny climate change worry about this.

Representative Sample: why we are so emotional in our objection to climate-change hysteria in the press, it is because we suspect that leftists around the world secretly welcome global warming because its mitigation can justify virtually any regulation or intervention.

4. "the skeptic’s checklist of internet woo" A useful 7 point checklist for spotting pseudo-science.

Representative Sample: One of the best things about the web is how easily and quickly it can disseminate good information to almost every corner of the world. As long as you have electricity, a phone line and a computer, you have access to an enormous wealth of great science and sound facts. But the same ability to educate and inform can be used to promote pseudoscience, quackery and wild conspiracy theories.

5. "Good News: Blasphemy Still Illegal in Netherlands" Lots of freedom, except when it comes to offending Muslims.

Representative Sample: The Netherlands: where you can smoke pot and nail Eastern European whores, but you still can't blaspheme Allah without fear of a jail sentence.

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