Monday, May 11, 2009

The GOP's Bad Tactics

Matt Lewis has an article at Politics Daily that gives yet another take on what's wrong with the Republican party.  After an interesting discussion of political tactics, Lewis hits his main points. Unlike some who think that the GOP needs to moderate its ideology, he views poor tactics as the main cause of Republican decline.
The problem is not our philosophy, but that, by ignoring so many issues for so many years, Republicans have essentially allowed preconceived notions to take hold and Democrats to frame the issues.
Instead of ignoring issues and simply conceding them to the other side, Lewis argues for what he calls "innovative solutions," on the model of someone like Jack Kemp.
Republicans must begin facing tough issues, questioning false premises, and finding creative, free market solutions to America's problems. 

Innovative conservative solutions -- not "moderating" our conservative positions -- is the key to the GOP's comeback.
The whole article makes a lot of sense and is worth reading.

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