Monday, May 11, 2009

HOT5 Daily 5/11/2009

1. "Fred Barnes’ Best column Ever?" A call for Republicans to grow a spine.

Representative Sample:The morning after the 2006 massacre, I wrote a post saying that President Bush and the Republicans should start picking fights. I haven’t changed my mind. Poll after poll shows that President Obama is popular but his policies aren’t.

2. "Tarnished Brass: Is the U.S. Military Profession in Decline?" Interesting & detailed analysis.

Representative Sample: in the most important area of professional expertise—the connecting of war to policy, of operations to achieving the objectives of the nation—the American military has been found wanting. The excellence of the American military in operations, logistics, tactics, weaponry, and battle has been manifest for a generation or more. Not so with strategy.

3. "Past predictions of GOP’s demise way off" Some history that is useful to keep in mind. Links to a good article.

Representative Sample: The Reagan White House’s political director Jeffrey Lord pens a piece in today’s Philly Inquirer that talks about how past predictions of the demise of the GOP have proven to be way off

4. "How would a world without Islam look like?" A response to a weak thesis published in Foreign Policy Magazine.

Representative Sample: The amazing part of Fuller’s conclusions is that he claims that violence would not have diminished at all in the world without Islam. He says that the Middle East populated by the original Orthodox Christians would have the same adverse attitude towards the West as Islamic world now has and the western policies would still rouse anger in that part of the world.

5. "Watching the Pakistan Army" A look at the situation with good links to reporting & analysis.

Representative Sample: By appearances, the Pakistan Army has at last recognized the grave threat facing it and the secular government. There are no independent eye-witness accounts of the actual fighting in the Swat Valley and Buner.

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