Tuesday, May 26, 2009

HOT5 Daily 5/26/2009

1. "How Sex Sells the Loss of Freedom"The left, in favor of sexual freedom, against most other types.

Representative Sample: Only in the area of sexuality does the Left demonstrate a pronounced and consistent preference for individual decision-making. Why? I think it merely a matter of individual and group self-interest.

2. "TIME TO CRANK UP THAT DIPLOMACY !"  Yeah, let's make more deals with rogue regimes. We can trust them.

Representative Sample: More diplomacy, please, since it is working so well with these regimes. (/sarcasm).

3. "Portugal: A Case Study in Drug Decriminalization" It appears to be better than drug criminalization.

Representative Sample:How has that worked out for Portugal? (Keep in mind, about 1 out of 4 people in jail right now in the US are imprisoned for nonviolent drug charges.

4. "Obama: The First Black Jimmy Carter" Hmm. As of now, I'd say better than Carter on foreign policy, but even worse on domestic.

Representative Sample: Obama simply can not talk his way out of the laws of economics. When he forecasts doubling our nations debt over the next 8 year, an addition $10 trillion, there is simply no way to get out from under that massive of a debt, other than monetizing the debt

5. "Why Gitmo isn’t the problem, but the solution" Why keeping them there is better than keeping them here. I know, you'd think that might be obvious.

Representative Sample: Any holding facility for radical Islamic terrorists on American soil would be a target and a potential “rescue mission” for which al Qaeda or its like would delightedly create dozens or hundreds of new “martyrs” from among their own ranks.

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