Friday, May 8, 2009

HOT5 Daily 5/8/2009

1. "The Pro-Torture Obama Justice Department" Short but to the point.

Representative Sample: Immorality as it relates to the use of torture to extract information from known terrorists regarding imminent threats is easily defined as hiding behind abstract ideals and culturally-comfortable moral constructs to justify doing less than everything possible to save Americans lives.

2. "Warp Drive: Yes, it May Be Possible; But Don't Hold Your Breath" Current science and the possibilities for producing a warp drive.

Representative Sample: Miguel Alcubierre, a physicist who I see is at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics in Potsdam, Germany, now, suggested a way to isolate a 'bubble' of space-time and move it at any velocity relative to the rest of space-time.

3. "Muslims’ zero tolerance" For homosexual relations.

Representative Sample: a Gallup poll that “found that not one of the 1,001 British Muslims interviewed believed homosexual acts were morally acceptable”.

4. "Government Steals Land" Another misuse of eminent domain.

Representative Sample: the National Park service intends to build a memorial to these brave men and women - but have run into a slight problem. Much of the land on which they want to build the $58 million, 2,200-acre permanent memorial and national park actually belongs to other people.

5. "Blowback – could our military become a threat to America?" Interesting albeit somewhat paranoid article.

Representative Sample: Yes, it can happen to us. Slight indications of early symptoms are already in the news. We can look forward to more articles like these. And even more if (when) we demobilize from our Middle East wars.

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