Tuesday, May 19, 2009

HOT5 Daily 5/19/2009

1. "Nancy Pelosi Is The Central Issue" Because the main issue is politics.

Representative Sample : The moral high ground, however, is not what is at play in the current interrogation debate. No prominent politician, Democratic or Republican, is willing to sacrifice a city for the sake of moral purity. The same people who decry the waterboarding of the mastermind of 9/11 are silent when Obama orders missile attacks on Pakistan which inevitably cause civilian casualties.

2. "REPORT FROM THE FRONT: PRAGMATISTS HAVE NO SOUL"  That's a moderate being sarcastic. I sympathize.

Representative Sample: I am constantly amazed at the shifting definitions of who or what is a “good conservative” from people who themselves haven’t a clue of first principles and are especially ignorant of politics and governing.

3. "Christianity and Straw Men" Taking issue with Christians who take issue with atheist characterizations of Christianity.

Representative Sample: If you’re an average Christian, you do believe in magic, you do believe you have an invisible friend, you do believe Jesus was a man-god, and you do believe Jesus resurrected and flew off into the sky. Once you admit this, we can have a more honest discussion.

4. "Obama and Netanyahu Meet: What's Next?" Where does the U.S.-Israeli relationship go?

Representative Sample: The meeting on May 18 of two newly elected leaders, Barack Obama and Binyamin Netanyahu, raises a basic question about U.S.-Israel relations: Will this long-standing alliance survive its 62nd year?

5. "What Happens After COIN? The Emerging Sri Lanka Case" Asks some good questions.

Representative Sample:The Sri Lankan government has won the military part of the insurgency, but they now need to win the peace. This is really where pop-centric COIN's going to have to make money, folks. Colombo has not really administered the Tamil-controlled areas for a while.

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