Thursday, May 28, 2009

HOT5 Daily 5/28/2009

1. "The Future of Iraq, Part II" Detailed article from one of the best reporters covering the Middle East. Read part I also.

Representative Sample: Adhamiyah is mostly Sunni. It was a stronghold of support for Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party regime. More recently, it was a stronghold for Al Qaeda in Iraq. Not until Al Qaeda thoroughly ravaged the place did local residents decide the Americans were the lesser of evils.

2. "Iran Threat ‘Increased Substantially’"  No need to worry. Obama will give them a good talking-to.

Representative Sample: the threat to the United States has “increased substantially” with the recent launch by Iran of a small satellite and the launch last week of a mid-range ballistic missile.

3. "Ten Newly-Discovered Species - Including Bacteria in Hairspray" Hmm, I wonder how God created bacteria that live only in hairspray -- since there was no hairspray around during creation. I'm sure creationists have a good explanation.

Representative Sample: If you look hard enough, you can find just about anything. This year, scientists found caffeine-less coffee plants, tiny seahorses and a 23-inch long bug that looks like a branch, not to mention a strange white slug no one had ever described

4. "What Kind of Conservative ARE YOU??"Amusing quiz for conservatives. I got "Free Marketeer."

Representative Sample: It's a quiz.

5. "The Crimes of the Future" New technology, new ways to commit crimes.

Representative Sample: One of the long time dreams of any criminal is the ability to become invisible. After all, it’s much easier to commit a crime if people can’t see you committing it or, if they do notice the crime, can’t identify the perpetrator. Lucky for criminals, scientists at UC Berkeley are working on an honest-to-Harry-Potter invisibility cloak

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