Sunday, May 10, 2009

HOT5 Daily 5/10/2009

1. "The Great Divorce of Church and State" An interesting perspective on marriage.

Representative Sample: There is no reason whatsoever that any two people should need the approval of society or the State to recognise their union in any respect other than the rights and protections they are constitutionally afforded.

2. "Moms For Liberty" Mother's Day link.

Representative Sample:Besides pausing to recognize the one whose uterus we sprung from, it is a good day to remember the women who are sometimes called the Mothers of Modern Libertarianism

3. "Why people make fun of modern day teaching techniques" Long but interesting.

Representative Sample: It might strike an outsider to the world of ed schools as absurd to spend multiple minutes of precious math-class time having other students "vet" answers to problems that a teacher could explain quickly using simple objects. But a sense of disconnect between the pedagogic theory taught to ed-school students (nowadays called "preservice teachers") and their lived classroom experience after graduation pervaded the AERA sessions.

4. "Linus Yale, Jr." Hero of capitalism.

Representative Sample: Today we honor Linus Yale, Jr. for his innovation, which made the combination lock a reality

5. "Blindfolded, gagged and hands bound, apparently" Canadian "Human Rights" organization hosts Al Qaeda speaker.

Representative Sample: Cheered on by sympathizers and apologists, accused al Qaeda sleeper agent Mohamed Harket spoke at Ottawa's Human Rights Monument.* Harkat objected to having been held incommunicado.

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  1. I think it's ironic how this is the second time this secular blog has featured my work, despite the fact that I'm a devout Christian.

    And I appreciate the honour all the more.

  2. Damian,

    I don't have a litmus test for who I link to. Basically I just look for articles that I find interesting.

  3. Oh, don't get me wrong! I just think it's interesting how two people who are very different on something so important - at least to me - can find common ground.

    I think it's part of that "big tent" thing I'm hearing so much about these days.