Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obama & Kerry, Eager to Hand Money to Pakistan

Not content with spending enormous amounts of taxpayer money here at home, the Obama administration is determined to give billions to Pakistan with minimal strings attached. Congress isn't so sure, but the Congressional effort to cave in to Pakistani demands is led by none other than John Kerry. Despite the fact that many Democrats and Republicans alike want tough conditions on Pakistani aid, Kerry doesn't.

Former Presidential candidate John Kerry is leading the effort to dilute the benchmarks in the bill, arguing that make it too tough or rigid will not allow Washington to achieve its goals. But the House leadership is insistent that Pakistan has to be called to account and there should be no free lunches, as promised by President Obama.
Handing more money to Pakistan should not be one of our goals. Even with conditions, the odds are that Pakistan will find a way to misuse the funds. Ed Royce, Republican from California, spoke in favor of exercising some basic common sense.
"For far too long, Pakistan has taken US assistance with one hand, while undoing US efforts to bring stability to Afghanistan with the other. For far too long, Pakistan has been receiving US aid to fight terrorism, while keeping its army aimed at India. This legislation lays down an important principle -- that Pakistani actions will have consequences
If we are going to give $7.5 billion to Pakistan at any time, let alone in the current economic climate, is it really too much too ask that the country be forced to meet certain benchmarks & conditions? Instead of kowtowing to Pakistani objections, the U.S. should have given them a firm take it or leave it

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