Monday, May 18, 2009

HOT5 Daily 5/18.2009

1. "Protecting Freedom of Navigation: No Longer a Naval Role" That's because it's probably "illegal" now. If something protects U.S. national security or advances American interests, chances are someone thinks it's illegal.

Representative Sample :A few hundred folks in speedboats have stolen freedom of navigation in one of the busiest international shipping trade routes in the world from the international community in an area the size of the Mediterranean Sea, and still the US Navy (in front of Congress no less) is telling the US flagged ships in the industry to solve their security problem themselves.

2. "How words and phrases lose their value"  Another example of something that is getting to be a regular occurrence.

Representative Sample: Through overuse and misuse these words and phrases now mean precisely nothing. Cough in the wrong direction, fascist! Scratch yourself the wrong way, bigot! You get the picture.

3. "Christian Sausage Goes into the Grinder. Again. And Again." Interesting metaphor.

Representative Sample: Does your average twice-born fundogelical Christian dominionist have even the slightest notion just how many different forms of Christianity were around in the first few hundred years of the common era?

4. "Washingtonia" Some good observations.

Representative Sample: This is Washington, all eyes turned inward and increasingly ignorant and careless of the world abroad.

5. "Friedrich A. Hayek's The Road To Serfdom (Comic)"The comic book version.

Representative Sample: it's a graphic

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