Friday, May 22, 2009

HOT5 Daily 5/22/2009

1. "Cheney Wins" More on the Cheney speech.

Representative Sample: Dick Cheney, grown-up, speaks with force and clarity at the American Enterprise Institute.

2. "NOT SOCIALISM: GANGSTERISM"  A more appropriate characterization of the Obama administration?

Representative Sample: What Obama is doing is much, much different and on a scale that makes Bush look like a presidential power grabbing piker. The incredible amount of debt he is piling up has a purpose; to ensure federal intervention in the economy for the foreseeable future.

3. "New Chick Tracts" This type of Christian propaganda has been around since I was little. Here's the latest.

Representative Sample: Links to the actual tracts.

4. "Death by technology" What do current cuts in certain defense programs mean for the future?

Representative Sample: Gates, the supposed visionary of irregular warfare, is now making the past's mistakes once again: He is assuming that today's combat challenges -- think IEDs in Iraq circa 2006 -- will also be tomorrow's threats.

5. "Lindsey Graham, Loser" Another good response to Graham's libertarian-bashing.

Representative Sample: It's not just that the free market, limited government, social tolerance voters (a swing vote that accounts for up to 20% of the electorate) deserves more respect from the Republican Party - it does - but that Lindsey Graham and many other Republicans don't seem to realize the position of weakness they are in.

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