Tuesday, May 12, 2009

HOT5 Daily 5/12/2009

1. "Bag and Tag" This applies to quite a few of the Guantanmo prisoners.

Representative Sample: I know the argument that no country wants them, or if they are returned to their home country, that they will be tortured or killed- does anybody really care? If you play with the big boys, be prepared to play for keeps. These are people who want to die- I say, why not? This way, we will clear out Gitmo, keep track of these people, and if they are killed by their home country, oh well.

2. "The Torture Debate Is Not Yet Over" Even though I disagree with key points, this is a reasonable argument on torture by Ted Koppel.

Representative Sample: The argument has evolved into the positing of two questions: Did it work and was it necessary? Of course torture works, in some measure. There have, no doubt, been brave and incredibly strong-willed men and women who have resisted the most horrific tortures and given up nothing. The greater likelihood, however, is that a torture subject will give up not just all, but frequently more than he knows

3. "Real gods are stranger than fiction – for adults at least" How do religious fictional beings compare with other fictional supernatural entities?

Representative Sample: The striking thing about supernatural creatures – gods, demons, goblins and the like – is just how very like humans they are.

4. "UN now fighting for pedophiles" Bad even by UN standards.

Representative Sample: Nice one UN, not only can terrorists, tyrants, racists, Jew-haters etc get support from you, but now even homosexual pedophiles can get support. And they call themselves the Human Rights Committee, what about the rights of the kids that this scumbag was fiddling wit

5. "It's time to get ruthless in Pakistan" Let's commit the U.S. military to Pakistan! From the Department of Really Bad Ideas.

Representative Sample: Instead of trying to play politics in Islamabad, the United States should employ its forces to support those of Pakistan's military. Only in this manner can there be some assurance that Pakistani morale will not collapse, and that the Taliban insurrection can be crushed.

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