Thursday, May 28, 2009

Torture Works in Britain

It seems that many criminals just don't understand that torture doesn't work-- as many torture opponents claim.  In Britain today, three robbers demanded that a homeowner tell them where he kept his money. When he refused they began utilizing proven non-coercive interrogation methods to win his confidence. Just kidding. Actually they tied him up and poured boiling water on him. They left with a "large amount of cash." Torture can be a fast and efficient means of extracting accurate information. Who knew? Only pretty much every criminal violent enough to employ it.

Before the next "expert" pontificates about the ineffectiveness of torture, he might want to take a look at the crime reports and interview a few criminals and their victims.


  1. Well, the torture we make bad guys suffer is like watching soft porn, counting popped corn, left in a room with Rickey Lake. Criminals actually maim, amputate, commit great bodily harm(including genitalia and the victim usually dies. If he lives, he is maimed for life. Feet so broken he will never walk right, hands so disfigured by having all the bones smashed with a hammer(after they were broke they day before).

    So if you are captured by the US ... beware. We will talk you to death(while you are kept clothed, fed and warm with a nice comfy bed). If you are lucky you will be released in the US with full US citizenship.

  2. Plus we might even let them sue us -- as an added bonus.

  3. Btw. Thanks for blogrolling me. I added your blog too.