Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another Religion-motivated Killer

I just read another report about a murderous religious fanatic. This time it wasn't a radical Islamist, it was a radical Jew, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish-American West Bank settler named Jack Teitel. He murdered two Palestinians, and also attacked other Israelis, wounding one. It's worth remembering that even though radical Islam has the largest number of terrorists, other religions have theirs as well. Speaking in court, Teitel had this to say,
"It has been a pleasure and an honor to have served my God''
He's completely unrepentant.
Asked if he felt remorse for his actions the beaming, bearded Teitel said he had ``none, no regrets'' and added that he had ``no doubt'' that God approved.
There's no functional difference between Teitel and Major Hasan. They just have different religions and different targets. While both may be psychologically disturbed, a significant part of their problems stem from their interpretation of religious belief, beliefs that convinced them they were doing God's work by murdering people. 

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