Saturday, November 14, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/14/2009

1. "Major Hasan Embraces Tradition" A good look at radical Islam and where terrorists come from.

Representative Sample: Islamic radicals have always been a part of Islam. They have been the main reason for the backwardness of Islamic countries. A thousand years ago, it was the Islamic radicals who halted the work of Islamic scientists. This continues, with the current Islamic radicals opposing schools that don't put the main emphasis on religion, or teach girls at all.

2. "Ft. Hood, Hasan And Some On The Left’s Tone Deafness" And a good look at willful blindness on the left.

Representative Sample: As much as I cautioned people to give the facts a chance to come out before coming to conclusions about Hasan, this is just an example of some incredible denial going on here. We now have facts – lots of facts – and informed conclusions can be drawn.

3. "Obama To Abandon Cap And Trade?" Regardless of his reasons, that would be a good thing.

Representative Sample: What Obama wants to do is give Democrats cover for the 2010 election. Cap and Trade is unpopular and Obama does not want to have the record show that Democrats voted for this unpopular legislation though we already have the names of those in the House who voted for it.

4. "Making the case for legalized drugs" End the war on drugs.

Representative Sample: Rendering a commodity that is in high demand by a populace illegal does not result in eradication. Quite the contrary it invites a lucrative, black market that just can’t wait to meet the needs of it’s consumers.

5. "A Jobs Summit??? Yeah That’s the Trick" Is there any problem Obama thinks can't be solved by empty talk?

Representative Sample: If President Obama is serious about creating jobs, why doesn’t he stop the health care bill in its tracks? The plethora of tax increases on small businesses are job-killers. He could also tell Democrats that Cap-And-Trade is a nonstarter, too, because it’s a job-killing tax increase

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