Saturday, November 28, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/28/2009

1. "Hey what do you know? Maybe health care in the US isn’t so bad after all!" But the government can definitely make it worse.

Representative Sample: There’s nothing like the threat of losing a good thing to realize how good you had it after all. According the the latest Rasmussen poll, Americans’ perception of health care in the US as it now stands is improving.

2. "This Week In Quotes: Nov 20 – Nov 26" Some interesting ones.

Representative Sample: About himself, the president speaks loudly. For America, he carries a small twig. -- Mark Steyn

3. "Medic becomes first woman in Royal Navy to be awarded the Military Cross" Links to an article about her.

Representative Sample: Kate, a medical assistant serving as an Able Seaman with the Royal Navy, raced 70 yards to the stricken soldier's side as he nearly choked to death from a gunshot wound to the mouth. She cut open a temporary airway and treated him for 45 minutes as rockets whizzed overhead and bullets thudded into the ground nearby.

4. "The Question Christians Must Answer" The only problem with this is that some Christians will agree, and say that it just shows that most people calling themselves Christians are not "true" Christians.

Representative Sample: Observations like these lead many atheists, and more than a few Christians I suspect, to question the sincerity of the beliefs professed by some Christians. Perhaps they do not really believe what they claim to believe and simply maintain the appearance of such beliefs

5. "Cheney On The Ballot In Massachusetts" How many more years will Democrats be able to run against Bush & Cheney?

Representative Sample: This is either the most irrational example of Bush-Cheney Derangement Syndrome, or the most brilliant strawman argument since Obama demanded that conservatives grab a mop to help Obama clean up Bush's mess.

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