Thursday, November 19, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/19/2009

1. "Scoundrel defenders line up here. Please!"An interesting, well-supported argument.

Representative Sample: One reason that authoritarianism continues to prosper in this country is the dangerous notion that bad laws, which ostensibly target some undesired group, are not a threat to those who do not fall within that group.

2. "Why do atheists care about religion?" If you ask that question, watch this video.

Representative Sample: It's a video.

3. "Money Grubbing in Educational Publishing. Nothing New Here Folks, Move Along." I remember experiencing this first-hand. Apparently it was already an old phenomenon even when I was in college.

Representative Sample: While working on a different project that required snooping through hundreds and thousands of pages of old newspapers, Tom noticed how often newspapers a hundred years ago and so reported on issues that are strikingly up to date.

4. "Creationism in the Muslim world" Something conservative Christians and Muslims can agree on.

Representative Sample:I have a post on Muslim Creationism data up. The paper, On being religious : patterns of religious commitment in muslim societies, has lots of information. You can download it at the link.

5. "What’s Wrong With Scientology?" Pretty much everything?

Representative Sample: To answer this seemingly simple question, you have to explore the history of the cult, including the writings of the cult founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Bef’s article is both highly informative, whilst at the same time revealing the sickening truth behind Scientology’s past.

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