Tuesday, November 17, 2009

False Claims of Sexism

I've attacked the left regularly for their continuous false claims of racism directed at pretty much everyone on the right who offers any criticism of President Obama. But now we have to hear false claims of sexism from Sarah Palin and her sycophantic followers on the right. Here's one example that shows the Newsweek cover that prompted Palin's outburst.

Newsweek used a picture that Palin herself posed for several months ago. She didn't like their use of it, or the article they wrote. That makes it sexist. Why? Because she says so. Using "because I say it is" definitions of sexism and racism renders the terms meaningless. It's pretty annoying to find some of the same people on the right who correctly take issue with outrageous cries of racism, now making similarly baseless charges of sexism.

One other thing I want to note, an aside from the main topic. In the Gateway Pundit piece I linked above, Newsweek is described as "The far left magazine." "Far left"? I'm sorry, but that's just idiotic. Newsweek definitely has a liberal slant, but it is in no way "far left."Calling it so is every bit as clueless as a typical left-wing rants about Fox News being "far right." If Newsweek is far left, what does that make the Communist Party USA, the Socialist Workers Party, and other actual far left organizations, the far, far, far left?

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  1. If Newsweek is far left, then the Communist Party wraps around to the point where you're standing in it.

    I heard the claim that though she posed for the photo, in the context of the running magazine she posed for, it wasn't sexist, but in the context of Newsweek, it was. What, runners can't wear pants?