Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good Article About Left, Right & Ft. Hood

Jonathan Zimmerman has an article in the Christian Science Monitor called, "Fort Hood: What the right and the left have gotten wrong about Hasan." The author points out that reaction on the right shows an attempt to demonize Muslims in general.
Internet attacks on "Islam" since Thursday's tragedy lie firmly within this tradition of nativism, bigotry, and hysteria. The shooter was Muslim, and what else do you need to know? Apparently, not much.
But he doesn't stop there. What about the left? After noting that some are actually defending Hasan, Zimmerman writes,
left-wing posters have refused to acknowledge any tension between freedom and security – or any threat to the United States from radical Islam.
As he points out, this type of attitude is completely irrational.
There are people living here who want to commit acts of terror, and more than a few of them are radical Muslims
This is an unfortunate fact. The whole article is worth reading.

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  1. Thanks for being objective -- that's refreshing in this world of spin.