Wednesday, November 4, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/4/2009

1. "Community organizing as foreign policy?" So that explains it.

Representative Sample: As an organizer, he undertook projects with unrealistic goals, with little understanding of the people he was opposing or the people he was trying to help. He was so ineffectual that he got out of the community organizing racket and into electoral politics.

2. "The Pill" A good visual representation of health care reform. 

Representative Sample:  It's a graphic.

3. "Adapting Women to Subs" What needs to be done in order for women to serve in the Navy's elite submarine force?

Representative Sample:The Powers-that-Be now demand that pragmatic solutions be devised and implemented for difficult morale/retention and logistical problems related to everything from the severe lack of mental and physical privacy on long submerged patrols, to harassment and fraternization, to differing hygiene and medical requirements and physical abilities between the sexes,

4. "Live long and be atheist" Sounds good to me.

Representative Sample: turning to religion has the effect of increasing happiness. But good life expectancy is more important, and countries with good life expectancy are the happiest and least religious. 

5. "Turkey and Bulgaria's Turks" The plight of an ethnic minority under communist rule.

Representative Sample: One of the loudest claims the communists used to make was that the unity of proletarian internationalism would render obsolete any national or ethnic prejudice. It was supposed that the brotherhood of workers would consign all ethnic strife to the proverbial "dustbin of history".

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