Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/17/2009

1. "IAEA Inspectors: We’re Shocked, Shocked at Iranian Duplicity" Some people never learn.

Representative Sample: anyone who is shocked about any of this hasn’t been paying attention to this issue for years. Only two years after the United States issued a ridiculous National Intelligence Estimate denying the reality of the Iranian program, even international bodies like the IAEA are no longer prepared to hedge their bets about Iranian intentions.

2. "Why the Peaceful Majority May be Dangerous" Something to think about.

Representative Sample: No matter how much respect one may have for either woman’s character, there is little doubt where either would place her loyalty if faced with chosing between the Canadian traditions of liberty for all, or Sharia. There is also little doubt that if they were part of a majority, they would acquiesce to the demands of the Muslim clerical class and choose Sharia for all Canadians.

3. "American Science Education, as Seen by a Scientist" Not good.

Representative Sample: We are dumbing down the American high school kid. We have the worst educational system known to science. You can’t create a system worse than our science education system.

4. "Is Jihadism a deranged ideology?" Definitely.

Representative Sample: We know with great certainty from hundreds cases of empirical evidence that a deranged ideology can alter the mind of a individual in dramatic ways, as to make them kill other people quite randomly and without any real personal grievances.

5. "Don't Touch That!!" Another incident reflecting the sad decline of Britain.

Representative Sample: The animus against gun possession in England is so strong that a man who found a gun in his backyard and delivered it to the police is now facing a jail term.

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