Tuesday, November 24, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/24/2009

1. "Republicans Are Happier Than Democrats (AND have a better sex life)" Not surprising.

Representative Sample: Conservatives also give much more to the poor and charity and donate more of their time than liberals. You can look at some specific well know politicians for examples here.

2. "Daily Gut: Ignore the 9/11 Show Trials" Unless you like anti-American propaganda.

Representative Sample: we’ll all get to understand the motivations that drove these men to do what they did. I mean, since we know they’re not going to deny their guilt– it’ no longer about justice. It’s just about “why, why, why.” We’ll learn exciting things about their childhood, their dreams of martyrdom, and how evil America is. It will be a show trial, without the “trial” part.

3. "India and Obama: A Failing Relationship" Hopefully India will realize that Obama is totally clueless about foreign policy, and not hold it against the U.S.

Representative Sample: In 10 short months, Barack Obama has done more to dissolve the close relationship with India that took decades to build, and now will have to be rebuilt again…without the public or our media noticing at all.

4. "In the bolshevik cabaret - John Gray" One of the most dangerous political religions.

Representative Sample: Marxism is every bit as much an irrational, comprehensive belief system as Christianity or Islam, and its tendencies to totalitarianism and apocalypticism make it especially dangerous.

5. "The Manhattan Declaration Part I: Religious Liberty" As usual the religious are making a mockery of the word "liberty."

Representative Sample: For some reason the authors of this doctrine have adopted a set of principles in which they get all of the liberty, while everybody else gets all of the burdens. Yet, they claim that this self-contraditory and self-service doctrine does not come from man

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