Monday, November 30, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/30/2009

1. "Palin: Still Not Ready for the Spotlight" Ten examples.

Representative Sample: 9. “My critics are lonely and need prayer.”  This just drips with bitterness. Try to imagine Ronald Reagan whining like this.

2. "Nearer My Atheism to Thee: How to Respond to Theists"Thoughts from Michael Shermer.

Representative Sample:What is the right way to respond to theists and/or theism? That is the question asked at every atheism/humanism conference I’ve attended the past several years. The answer is simple: there is no one “right way”.

3. "A Personal Perspective on Health Care" My perspective is similar.

Representative Sample: There are economic and political reasons why I do not like the reform plan proposed by the Obama Administration and the Democrats in Congress. But the main reason is far more personal - the Democrats make a lot of promises, in general and lacking substance, about access and choice, but they refuse to have a serious debate about the cost, effects, and conditions of their proposed changes

4. "So now authorities have to worry about upsetting young thugs, by calling them “YOUTHS”" The UK is getting increasingly ridiculous.

Representative Sample: It just gets crazier and more stupid with each passing day.

5. "With All Due Respect, Of Course" Short but to the point.

Representative Sample: Did I mention that the ICC can bugger off?

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