Sunday, November 15, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/15/2009

1. "5 Reasons Why putting 9-11 mastermind on trial in NY is Insane" You'd think these would be obvious.

Representative Sample: These are not normal criminals. KSM wasn’t arrested the same way all criminals are arrested. He wasn’t read his Miranda rights, wasn’t given a lawyer, wasn’t given a phone call, wasn’t given the other NORMAL procedural rights given to a prisoner being held by the justice system.

2. "No half-measures for Afghanistan" Unfortunately a half-measure is almost certainly what we'll get. Links a good article.

Representative Sample: Either put in enough firemen to put the fire out or get out of the house. That is my analogy of where we are. Either of those approaches could potentially work."

3. "Another case of: Eye Candy and brains and how nice to pass this on."16 year-old UK girl invents a great product now in production.

Representative Sample: Here’s a bright young lady who discovered a need through her teacher, and invented something to fill the need. She’s 19 now, but was only 16 when she invented this device.

4. "Small Mindedness" A simple graphic that accurately describes the typical U.S. administration.

Representative Sample: It's a graphic.

5. "The George W. Bush Institute: Free Markets, Small Government… Since When?"After working for eight years to enlarge the government and increase its involvement with the economy, Bush now wants to promote small government and free markets.

Representative Sample: Mr. Bush wants his new institute to foster free market policies, small government thinking, education, global health and “human freedom”… to which I have to ask, so where were you for eight years on these things Mr. Bush?

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