Sunday, November 22, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing - Psalm 109:8 Version

Left-wingers have been all hyped up about a some conservatives pushing a message about prayer for Obama in the sense of Psalm 109:8. The prayer is basically a wish for death, since it contains the sentence: "May his children be orphans and his wife a widow". Naturally people on the left, utter hypocrites who ignored or downplayed eight years of rabid hatred against Bush and Cheney, are frightened and horrified. Anytime anyone on the right says anything that might be viewed as a threat to President Obama, it's oh so serious and threatening. Yet when radical Muslims commit acts of terrorism, we need to downplay the impact of Islam, and ignore the fact that radical Islam is the inspiration behind a massive amount of terrorist activity. But at the same time we need to pretend that radical Christians -- a threat roughly comparable to a fly speck in contrast to the radical Islamist mountain -- are a dangerous menace.  

As usual this is much ado about nothing. Many of the people pushing the Psalm 109:8 theme probably regard it as dark humor, not something to be taken all that seriously. But more importantly, they are advocating leaving the disposition of President Obama to God. Unless you think God is going to intervene to kill the president, there's no actual threat. We know that prayer doesn't regrow amputated limbs. It doesn't assassinate people either. 

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