Sunday, November 22, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/22/2009

1. "HADLEY EMAILS DON’T ‘PROVE’ GLOBAL WARMING A CROCK" One of the more balanced responses.

Representative Sample: examining these revelations from a macro perspective would convince most reasonable skeptics that, while the case against AGW may be growing, the problem of climate change cannot be swept under the rug so easily.

2. "The Inscrutable Jehovah"A month old but new to me -- and full of excellent points.

Representative Sample: Theism trains the credulous in the art of illogicality by unabashedly positing incoherent notions of god that require the complete surrender of rational faculties.

3. ""Cohorts of War" - a general framework" Interesting analysis. Back when I was in grad school studying military history, something like this would have provoked a long discussion.

Representative Sample: In war, the crucial element is people: how they are organized for combat, what holds them together as a fighting force, what society do they spring from. How they fight, and what they fight with, are secondary

4. "A vaguely passive-aggressive post on commenters" I don't have enough commenters to cover all these types, but anyone who posts and reads blog comments will recognize these categories.

Representative Sample: The commenter who has not read the post properly, decides they know what it says anyway, and fires off a series of disgusted observations.

5. "Star Wars Sabotage" As a Star Wars fan, I had to link this.

Representative Sample: It's a video.

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