Tuesday, November 10, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/10/2009

1. "If Major Hasan had been Gay, would he still be in the US Army?" Instead of throwing out gay people, who have done nothing wrong and are good soldiers, how about we get rid of Islamists instead?

Representative Sample: If the US Army has a “watch list for gays,” then why doesn’t it have one for potential uniformed Islamists, to prevent terrorist attacks or “Sudden Jihadi Syndrome?”

2. "Iranian Rockets Captured by Israel Identical to Rockets Fired At U.S. Bases in Iraq" Don't worry, I'm sure Obama will give them a good talking to.

Representative Sample:  107mm rockets of recent Iranian manufacture are among the 500 tons of ordnance recovered by the Israeli Navy, and the rockets they recovered precisely matched those captured outside of U.S FOB Hammer in July of 2007.

3. "Does Biased News Have a 'Time Bomb' Effect?" Biased news creates biased views.

Representative Sample: "We know that an increasing proportion of citizens distrust the media and that some explicitly claim to discount bias in the news that they receive," he wrote. "However, we show that despite this qualified reading strategy, the effect of news resounds over time.

4. "Asymmetric thoughts on Fort Hood massacre" A reasonable and balanced post. Those are in short supply on this issue.

Representative Sample: Besides the loss of life and casualties and the horror experienced by family and friends of the deceased; I hate these mass-murder events for the meaning that people project onto the incident

5. "Bush or Obama: The Quiz" Interesting comparisons.

Representative Sample: Whose deficit was more than triple the size of the other's: Bush's in 2008 or Obama's in 2009?

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