Friday, November 6, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/6/2009

1. "Follow McDonnell, Not Hoffman" Good advice.

Representative Sample: McDonnell ran a smart campaign which appealed to all types of voters and had that big tent feel. He focused on the issues facing residents: taxes, jobs and transportation. Virginians didn’t want to hear about polarizing social issues like abortion and gay marriage, so McDonnell didn’t inject them into his campaign. It paid off handsomely.

2. "Republican health care plan would SAVE money; Democrat plan will cost money. What to do?" I'm guessing ignore the Republican plan and attempt to ram thru the Democratic one.

Representative Sample:  So much for the narrative that Republicans don’t have a health care plan. Not only do they have a plan, but they have a plan that will save money rather than cost money

3. "Picking the New Good and Bad Wars" Makes some excellent points.

Representative Sample:In the good old days, Iraq was the "bad" war we had to abandon in order to fight and win the "good" Afghanistan war. I wrote some time ago that once the Iraq war was over (from either winning or losing it), that Afghanistan would become the new "bad" war.

4. "The U.S. Navy: America's Unrecognized Public Health Shield:" Defending our shores from disease.

Representative Sample: Not too many Navy people know their organization serves on the front line of America's disease defenses. Even fewer officers know--or even care--that the Navy occasionally beats the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention at disease detection, discovering, for example, the first domestic case of H1N1 Influenza.

5. "U.S. Builds Largest Biometric Database" Tell me again about that mythical "right" to privacy.

Representative Sample: The increase in prints is not due to an explosion in crime or terrorism, but more fingerprinting in the private sector. The FBI processes prints from teachers, bank employees and other non-criminals. "That is our growth business," says Debbie Chapman, who works in the data center.

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