Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lesser of Two Evils Day

I just got back from the polls. It was yet another election that involved voting for the lesser of two evils. And, as in most cases, that meant voting Republican. Here in New Jersey, I have no illusions about Republican candidate Chris Christie. His bumbling campaign, his failure to give a straight answer about pretty much any policy question, and the fact that he's already held high state office all leave me completely unenthused about his candidacy. My vote, like that of many others of his "supporters," was purely a vote against John Corzine, a corrupt, lying weasel who stands out even in a state government full of corrupt, lying weasels.

Despite his massive unpopularity and lack of job performance, Corzine closed the gap with a blizzard of negative advertising. He has basically attempted to buy the election, greatly outspending the Christie campaign. The Obama administration, fearing the message that might be sent by a Republican victory in a Democratic state, has been shilling for Corzine, going so far as to lend him campaign staff and management.

Anyone in New Jersey that's uninspired by Chris Christie, and is thinking of staying home or wasting their vote on Chris Daggett, should reconsider. Go out and vote against John Corzine. If that's not enough to motivate you -- and it should be -- consider it a vote against the Obama administration too.

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