Saturday, November 21, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/21/2009

1. "Why Government Can’t Run Health Care" It can, just not well.

Representative Sample: The government claims it will save money by eliminating fraud in Medicare. If they could eliminate the fraud why have they not done it up to this point? How about they take a few years and eliminate the fraud and let us see the results before they try to get us on board with their health plan?

2. "Ten Things I Hate About You (If You Support ObamaCare)" Speaking of health care.

Representative Sample: $493 Billion In Tax Increases On Health Insurance, Medical Innovation, Payroll And Small Businesses Would Pay For The Bill. 

3. "Is Britain Readying a Supremely Armed Pirate Hunter?" No, not to fight actual pirates. That might infringe on their "rights." This is about more big government.

Representative Sample: changes could be introduced to the Digital Economy Bill, which would enable the Secretary of State to introduce legislation without debate in order to amend the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act and to introduce a Pirate-Finder General.

4. "The Soul--A Rational Belief?" I don't think so. An interesting analysis.

Representative Sample: If the brain is clearly and demonstrably responsible for some aspects of a person's identity, personality, and behavior, it does not seem unreasonable to assume that the brain is responsible for all aspects of a person's identity, personality, and behavior.

5. "Do atheists make better parents?" Define "better."

Representative Sample:Here's a study by Bart Duriez, from the Catholic University Leuven in Belgium, which looks into just that. He quizzed over 900 secondary school students in Belgium about their religious attitudes and their parents approaches to parenting. He also asked their parents the same questions.

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