Sunday, November 1, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/1/2009

1. "Take Me Back to Constantinople" Lessons of Byzantine strategy for the U.S.

Representative Sample: Subversion is the cheapest path to victory. So cheap, in fact, as compared with the costs and risks of battle, that it must always be attempted, even with the most seemingly irreconcilable enemies. Remember: Even religious fanatics can be bribed

2. "ObamaCare: Insurance Premiums Soaring Up, Up, and Away" Some reform, huh?

Representative Sample:  CBO DIRECTOR DOUGLAS ELMENDORF: “Our Judgment Is That That Piece Of The Legislation Would Raise Insurance Premiums.” (Finance Committee, U.S. Senate, Hearing, 9/22/09)

3. "Christian Luke vs. Atheist Luke" 85 questions on the nature of existence answered as a Christian and as an atheist. I'll be posting my own answers in an upcoming post.

Representative Sample: The UN adheres to universal values, such as respect for the rule of law, democracy, human rights, access to food for all. Sadly, many in the UN (and many of its supporters) are blind to the fact that these are liberal and Western values

4. "Mexico’s cartels are corrupting US law enforcement" Disturbing, but not that surprising.

Representative Sample: While it’s difficult to imagine US law enforcement succumbing to an infestation of corruption to the degree that their Mexican counterparts have, the increase in corruption in the last few years is a worrying trend

5. "On the myth of natural-born soldiers"I agree that "natural-born" is a myth. But national and cultural military traditions, "warrior cultures," are not.

Representative Sample:The idea that certain peoples or races are natural soldiers is widespread and longstanding

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