Friday, November 20, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/20/2009

1. ""Not Getting It" as the New Democratic Religion" Economic stupidity or malice?

Representative Sample: I find it increasingly hard to believe that liberals and Democrats are merely stupid, too dense to understand the fundamental premise of the market: That the "invisible hand" of the market allows buyers and sellers to find each other... so long as the "invisible foot" of government doesn't trip them up.

2. "Senator Pat Leahy Gets Visit From the "Stupid Fairy"" Example number  29375037534390548 of why Democrats can't be trusted with national security.

Representative Sample: Yesterday during the Senate questioning of Attorney General Eric Holder, Senator Lindsey Graham asked the AG whether bin Laden should be afforded due process in courts if he were captured.

3. "New “Don’t Label Me” Billboard Campaign in the UK" I don't think much of the atheist billboard campaign overall, but I like this one.

Representative Sample:The point is that, by all means, you should educate your child with your morals and values. But there’s a difference between doing that and forcing an entire belief system on a child who doesn’t even have the capability to understand what that entails.

4. "Japan’s un-carrier" Japan's latest warship.

Representative Sample: The above is a pretty historic scene. The Hyuga is the first of its class and was commissioned earlier this year. As Scoop Deck notes: “it’s neat that the last time Japan and the U.S. both fielded aircraft carriers, they were at war”.

5. "Accidental Civilian Deaths on the Rise" But deliberate killings have declined. Sounds like a good thing.

Representative Sample: I can think of at least two reasons why PGMs might not have produced a reduction in accidental civilian deaths. The first is that planners feel more comfortably ordering attacks in heavily populated areas when they think that they strike with precision. The collateral damage rises because of the general hubbub of civilian life

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