Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hope & Change for Republicans

We shouldn't read too much into it, but the GOP sweep in Virginia, and the Christie win -- despite active campaigning by Obama -- appears to be a sign of hope for the 2010 elections. Here in New Jersey, Chris Christie is the first Republican governor elected in quite awhile. I'm not expecting a lot, since the NJ GOP tends to be little more than Democrat-lite, but I do expect that Christie will be significantly better than Corzine -- which isn't saying much. Hopefully, he'll at least be able to live up to those minimal expectations. Thanks are in order to all those who went out and voted against Corzine, and to all those Democrats who stayed home rather than re-elect such a lousy governor.

The message of this election for Congressional Republicans should be to redouble their efforts to delay passage of Democratic legislation. Everything possible should be done to stall the most damaging bills, such as health care reform and the climate change economy-wrecker. Continue to fight a rearguard action and get us to the 2010 elections. If a Republican can win New Jersey, and the GOP can sweep Virginia, a state that went for Obama in 2008, there is significant hope that we can slash deeply into the Democratic majority in Congress.

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