Sunday, November 8, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/8/2009

1. "Obamacare: Killing Jobs and Spiking Inflation" Not to mention all the other negative effects. This post hits just some of the lowlights.

Representative Sample: Small businesses — the Mom and Pop stores that maybe employ one or two other people, usually as sales clerks — will eliminate those sales clerks because they have no health plan and can’t afford the “fine” for not providing one. Or, do they cut those clerks’ wages? 

2. "Obama Bumper Stickers" Some good ones.

Representative Sample:  It's a series of graphics.

3. "The Futility of Armor" Armor in an infantry war.

Representative Sample: Pretty much all vehicles are at risk, including the equally successful MRAPs, special IED vehicles, and tanks. If you believe tanks would solve the problem in the Afghan, think again.

4. "My Short Personal Journey to Atheism" I usually find personal accounts interesting .

Representative Sample: During my childhood, I learned much about the Bible and like many other books I had read, I found “the good, the bad and the ugly” within its cover. 

5. "Night Witches" Links to article about two Soviet women pilots in WW2.

Representative Sample: Diving with the sun behind them, the women opened fire on the centre of the Junkers formation. Each pilot shot down two enemy planes. Tamara ran out of ammunition and was going to ram another bomber with her airplane, when her wing was shot off. She bailed out and landed in a field.

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