Monday, November 2, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/2/2009

1. "Pelosi Health-Insurance Bill Summarized"A quick summary of the 2000 page bill.

Representative Sample: Happily, you need not invest the next few weeks of your life reading the 1,990-page House overhaul of the health-insurance -- and by implication, the healthcare -- industry. A convenient summary has been provided, compliments of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

2. "Abbas’s War Strategy" Yet another example of why the so-called "peace process" isn't.

Representative Sample:  How exactly does Israel talk peace with someone who seeks to cripple Israel’s ability to defend itself even as he endorses anti-Israel terror? That isn’t an act of peace; it’s an act of war.

3. "I Pick Up Scents of Science" Amazing page that allows you to see the relative size of items from a coffee bean to a carbon atom.

Representative Sample: The UN adheres to universal values, such as respect for the rule of law, democracy, human rights, access to food for all. Sadly, many in the UN (and many of its supporters) are blind to the fact that these are liberal and Western values

4. "Let's Get Wind Power Off the Ground" Far beyond windmills.

Representative Sample: Archer estimates energy demand at between 2 trillion and 2.5 trillion watts. About 6 miles up, jet stream winds, even though they don't blow hard all the time even at that height, could generate around 200 trillion watts.aintain its edge in space, and possibly allow travel to the Moon or Mars.

5. "Really unthickening the Canada/US border" Interesting historical article.

Representative Sample:The United States government does have a plan to invade Canada. It's a 94-page document called "Joint Army and Navy Basic War Plan -- Red," with the word SECRET stamped on the cover.

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