Friday, November 27, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/27/2009

1. "Corporate taxes need to be reduced."But that would actually help the economy, there is no way Congress would do it.

Representative Sample: Reducing taxation is a time proven method to increase economic growth, freedoms, and even tax revenues, however, we need to elect folks who will push for such tax reforms, because such reforms would be the launching point for a long term American growth, something all Americans should be interested it.

2. "Islamism 2.0"A bigger threat than terrorism?

Representative Sample: If the violence of Islamism 1.0 rarely succeeds in forwarding the Shari'a, the Islamism 2.0 strategy of working through the system does better. Islamists, adept at winning public opinion, represent the main opposition force in Muslim-majority countries such as Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, and Kuwait. Islamists have enjoyed electoral success in Algeria in 1992, Bangladesh in 2001, Turkey in 2002, and Iraq in 2005.

3. "The Armor of God, or, The Top One Reason Religion Is Harmful" I don't agree with all of this, and there are better examples for some of her points, but the primary thesis is accurate.

Representative Sample:Why is religion special -- and specially troubling? What makes religion different from any other ideology, community, system of morality, hypothesis about how the world works? And why does that difference makes it uniquely prone to cause damage?

4. "Estimated Nuclear Weapons Locations 2009" Where are the world's nukes? Includes map.

Representative Sample:The world’s approximately 23,300 nuclear weapons are stored at an estimated 111 locations in 14 countries, according to an overview produced by FAS and NRDC.

5. "Exxon "scientists" caught manipulating data to hide global warming" The title makes a useful point. Imagine the media uproar and general outrage if this had happened.

Representative Sample: Oops. Did I say Exxon? I meant leading proponents of AGW theory at East Anglia University.

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