Wednesday, November 11, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/11/2009

1. "Obama The Clueless" Even those who had a higher opinion of Obama than I are coming to realize just how clueless he really is.

Representative Sample: during last year’s election, I thought Obama was a pragmatist on foreign affairs. I no longer believe that. He is a political animal first and foremost. Berlin did not give him any political points, so he skipped it all together. Afghanistan is full of potholes, and has nothing but negative political future potential, and thus he cannot make a decision.

2. "A bad, bad man in a land of complete morons" Takes on idiotic apologism for Hasan at TIME.

Representative Sample:  At what point did the people in this country extract the section of their brain that allowed them to face the reality in front of them and call it like it is.

3. "Something To Learn From Cuba?" Yes, to look at Cuba and do the opposite.

Representative Sample: Even committed socialists realize that if you want an economy that works it necessarily means embracing tenants of capitalism!

4. "Video: Obama Won’t Rule Out Jail Time For Not Having Health Insurance" What a great idea for health care "reform."

Representative Sample: his “legacy” is at stake with this health care bonanza and if he doesn’t get “something” passed, his hope and change reputation may be forever tarnished.

5. "The Bush-Cheney-Hasan Connection" Leftist nutcase at Firedoglake spins a hypothetical BDS conspiracy theory, and worries about the treatment of a mass murdering traitor.

Representative Sample: Hot on the heals of the Bush-Balloon Boy connection, and the Iraq-Stupak connection, now we have the inevitable Bush-Cheney-Hasan connection.

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