Thursday, November 12, 2009

HOT5 Daily 11/12/09

1. "9% of Americans view United States Military unfavorably." Unfortunately, I'm not surprised.

Representative Sample: According to a just released Rasmussen Reports poll in regards to the opinion of the American people towards the United States Armed Forces, the results are saddening.

2. "A PARTICULAR AMERICAN MADNESS" Debunking the "stress" argument for the Ft. Hood shootings.

Representative Sample: The key aspects of this psychobabble include an overemphasis on "self-esteem" at the expense of self-control and personal responsibility; an attitude that practically worships "feelings" at the expense of reason and truth; a fundamental misunderstanding about stress and the role of stress in life

3. "Above all gods" Long but interesting.

Representative Sample: religion has an interactive relationship with society and technology. Form followed function. Hunter gatherers had egalitarian religions; agricultural saw the emergence of a specialized clergy; big polyglot empires brought forth monotheism. We worshipped according to the form of our society. But since our society has moved beyond those foundations the question for Wade was given the deeply rooted nature of the religious impulse, what form would it tend toward in the future?

4. "Jehovah's Witnesses Hate the Smurfs" How can you not read it with that title?

Representative Sample: In the early 80's, the primary preoccupations of the Jehovah's Witnesses were Armageddon, Smurfs, Michael Jackson and demonic attack, but not necessarily in that order.

5. "Better Ideas From France: A Hamster Cage for Humans" Release your inner hamster. Includes pictures.

Representative Sample: for people with that kind of disposable income, "Hamster's Villa" looks like a fun way to get a little exercise, and get some (possibly long-overdue) play time in.

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