Monday, November 30, 2009

Catholic Priests and the Rwandan Genocide

There is an article up at CNN about the arrest of a Rwandan Catholic priest, wanted in connection with the 1994 genocide.

The Rwandan government alleges that Uwayezu sowed the seeds for ethnic hatred at the school by blaming the nation's troubles on the "inyenzi," a term meaning cockroach, used by Hutu extremists to describe Tutsis. The government says the priest then alerted security forces, trapped the students and organized their killing at the nearby College of Arts on May 7, 1994.
Four other priests have been indicted by the U.N. International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. But human rights groups say the " the small number of indictments do not accurately represent the church's role in the genocide." They argue that the church not only failed to condemn the massacres, but refused to try to save lives. And if the allegations about these priests are correct, some apparently took an active role in the genocide. I know the Catholic Church is a huge organization, but even so, the amount and variety of misconduct by its priests is still disturbing.

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