Tuesday, December 1, 2009

HOT5 Daily 12/1/2009

1. "Leftists Reduced to Childish Whining Amid Obama-Democratic Epic Failures" When isn't there childish whining from the left?

Representative Sample: whiney trolling got me to thinking about how, nearly a year into the Obama administration, the radical left is still obssessed with the Bush administration, and the GOP remains the constant scapegoat for whatever happens to be the Democratic epic fail of the day.

2. "Israel Edges Closer to Iran Strike" I still think the odds are against it. But it wouldn't be that big of a surprise.

Representative Sample: close watchers of the looming showdown, such as Steven Simon of the Council on Foreign Relations, see plenty of signs that Israel is edging ever closer to what is likely to be a multi-pronged strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

3. "A God of Obsessions" You have to wonder why the awesome creator of the universe would be obsessed with every detail of appearance. 

Representative Sample: These verses should be very disturbing to modern-day Jews and Christians. They attribute to God a primitive, superstitious and ignorant view - one in which a person's worth is tied to their outward appearance, and people with defects are considered impure and unholy.

4. "Somalis Using Obama Photos As Targets" Maybe some more pandering to Islam, or another apology would help.

Representative Sample: Isn’t it about time someone in the Obama administration pulled the president aside and told him the truth about the world?

5. "Guinea: The Next Civil War in Africa?" If so, we should stay out of it.

Representative Sample: Things are getting weirder — and much worse — in Guinea, home to Dadis Camara, Africa’s newest megalomaniac nutjob.

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