Monday, December 7, 2009

HOT5 Daily 12/07/2009

1. "WARMIST ADVOCATES REFUSE TO DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN ‘DENIERS’ AND ‘SKEPTICS" Demonizing all opposition and trying to silence criticism is much easier.

Representative Sample: Climategate deniers - those who are whistling past the graveyard believing that the scandal doesn’t change anything - have sought to lump both deniers and skeptics together in an effort to counter the growing perception that these are scientists with something to hide. It doesn’t help AGW science or their case against the CRU hack when so many of their colleagues are fighting tooth and nail against FOIA requests to reveal the underlying data that supports their theories.

2. "5 Things That Would Improve Employment in America That Obama’s Summit Never Considered" Not a chance of him thinking about any of these things.

Representative Sample: There are several things that would have a profound impact on the country’s employment, but I doubt this group ever thought of them, let alone discussed them.

3. "Bravo!: Woman defends her property from a criminal" Includes recording of 911 call. Woman forced to make a horrible decision in self-defense -- but without that shotgun she might be dead.

Representative Sample: my heart goes out to this dear lady who had to make a decision like that; it was truly her or him; and she chose to protect her own life. Thank God for the Gun rights that we as American citizens do have. Something that the liberals in the country want to take away.

4. "Apparently I’m Jealous of Christmas" I was thinking about responding to  Bill O'Reilly's idiotic attack on atheists, but this blog did it for me.

Representative Sample: I’m confused as to how we are “denigrating a beautiful day”. Especially since the general message is to be a good person without fear of God.

5. "The Fox Who Had Lost His Tail" Let's keep ours attached.

Representative Sample: If the big US fox is insufficiently smart to heed the fable, one can rest assured that the smarter foxes from India and the People’s Republic of China will prove to be adept at retaining their brushes

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