Monday, December 14, 2009

What's Wrong with Scotland?

Consider this particular criminal, Martin Hamilton.
Ultra-violent Hamilton was jailed for life in 2000 for a catalogue of offences , including abduction, torture and drug-dealing. ... the most notorious gangland figure in Scotland during a reign of terror which lasted almost 20 years ... Hamilton was found guilty of 14 charges, including several torture offences. Victims were set on fire, scalded with boiling water or stabbed in the face.

In one horrific incident, a young couple were ordered to be stabbed in a bath so they wouldn't bleed all over the carpet of the flat where they were being held hostage.

An attempt was made to gouge a man's eye out with a spoon and Hamilton also tried to cut a man's finger offwith a knife.
Guess what? That's right, Scotland is letting him out after only nine years in prison. Not only is Scotland just too "civilized" to have a death penalty, apparently it is too civilized to actually make a vicious piece of human garbage serve out a life sentence. At the same time it is busy trying to disarm the population. Not content with gun bans, Scotland has enacted bans on swords and certain types of knives, and has passed laws inhibiting citizens from defending themselves.
"What we definitely don’t want to do is to send out a message where you create a situation where people are sleeping with a knife under their bed."
Oh no, they can't have that. A home invader might get killed.  Don't use "excessive" force against an intruder or you'll be prosecuted. But they'll let a vicious killer like Hamilton walk free after only nine years in prison. I guess we shouldn't have been surprised at the release of the Lockerbie bomber. Be glad you don't live in Scotland. And if you do, what's wrong with your country?

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