Saturday, December 26, 2009

HOT5 Daily 12/26/2009

1. "THE WORST PIECE OF LEGISLATION IN MY LIFETIME" Wait until the climate bill.

Representative Sample:The bill is profligate with the taxpayer’s money when it should have been niggardly. It places the heaviest hand imaginable upon health care consumers instead of the lightest touch possible. It’s strictures, rules, and regulations on insurers guarantee higher premiums. And it will take unfairly from the young and give to the old by forcing the “young invincibles” to purchase coverage they will probably not need in order to service seniors.

2. "Five Questions: An Interview with Chief Ajmal Khan Zazai"Interesting interview with a major Afghan tribal leader.

Representative Sample: Many Afghans were turned against these so-called Mujahideen because these leaders and their commanders became involved in killing innocent men, women and children, looted people’s livelihoods and literally turned all of Afghanistan into a war zone. We witnessed that in just five years these “Mujahideen” warlords destroyed Kabul and all other major cities in Afghanistan. People started to hate them more than they hated the old Communists

3. "Whence Comes God's Nature?" Why does God seem to have human emotions, likes and dislikes? It almost makes you think he might be an imaginary being dreamt up by human minds.

Representative Sample: God, so we're told, is eternal and unchanging. He is pure reason, pure mind, pure spirit - no physical needs to fulfill, no past history, none of the contingent events that make human nature what it is. So how is it that he has, just like us, a complex nature with specific likes and dislikes? He did not undergo the process by which human beings acquire their preferences, so where does he get them from? Why does he prefer things one way and not another?

4. "Merry Christmas From America!" Pretty funny.

Representative Sample: It's a graphic.

5. "Some Common Sense in Egypt and Saudi Arabia" Misleading title. Examines new polls focusing on Iran and Israel.

Representative Sample: These figures suggest that between a sixth and a third of the population in the two most important status-quo countries is agreeable to an Israeli or American attack on the Iranian nuclear infrastructure. Although not a negligible minority, it is small enough to give the Egyptian or Saudi government pause about being associated with a strike on Iran

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