Friday, December 18, 2009

Climate Summit Results Are a Cause for Optimism

The debacle of the Copenhagen climate summit has been pretty encouraging for most of us who believe that the most widely proposed "cures" for climate change are much worse than the disease itself. The transparent greed of so-called developing nations, better characterized as beggar states, was on display for all to see. Climate change is supposed to be a devastating problem, particularly for many of these states. Given that scenario, they should be bending over backward to cooperate with any international efforts intended to reduce the impact of global warming. But are they? Of course not. They want to be paid to do anything. For many of the beggar nations, climate change is nothing more than an opportunity to try to extort money from gullible, wealthy, western fools.

There plenty of fools in the west, including Obama himself, who made a ridiculous suggestion that the U.S. would help raise $100 billion dollars to help the beggars. But the naked greed and extortion tactics of the beggars was so blatant, than even some of the fools may wake up. More importantly, the display at Copenhagen should raise opposition to any wealth transfer schemes. 

We also saw that the Chinese cannot be trusted, and are not willing to cooperate in good faith, as if that were ever in doubt. That goes double for many other nations. The true believing, clueless internationalists will never wake up, but plenty of others might take note of the proceedings and start to understand that committing America to a sweeping international agreement is not only unworkable, but an extremely bad idea, not at all in the our interests. If the time should come that the Senate is asked to ratify an ill-advised climate change treaty, the issues revealed by this summit should go far to help prevent the necessary two-thirds majority.

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