Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Beggars Upset About Unequal Treatment

I had to laugh when reading the latest from the farce that is the climate change summit in Copenhagen. So-called developing nations are upset that proposed emissions targets allow more advanced states to emit twice as much carbon. Never mind that more industrialized states already emit vastly more carbon, and that cutting down to the ludicrous and unachievable limits in the leaked draft proposal would cause far more hardship than they would in third-world backwaters.

Amazingly enough, these are the same countries demanding that advanced industrial nations pay them massive sums as part of any climate change treaty. Despite being aggressive, grasping beggars, they somehow feel entitled to have their third-rate countries treated as equals when it comes to emission targets. We're supposed to hand over our money, and pretend that their states on the same level as ours. Hopefully even the current administration isn't stupid enough to agree to any proposal on those terms.

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