Tuesday, December 29, 2009

HOT5 Daily 12/29/2009

1. "Obama White House Glossary of the New Terms for 2009"I can think of some more.

Representative Sample: Bipartisan bill – bunch of democrats +1 republican

2. "Salvaging Santa"Ways to restore belief in Santa. Some of these arguments might sound strangely familiar.

Representative Sample: If we are to save our Santa culture from this insidious secularism that makes mockery of our faith, we need to acknowledge our weaknesses, and adapt to the changing cultural climate. Here are a few suggestions.

3. "Underwear Bomber Renews Calls for ‘Naked Scanners’" It's probably just a matter of time until these are commonly deployed in airports.

Representative Sample: After an alleged terrorist unsuccessfully tried to detonate his explosive underwear on a Christmas Day flight to Detroit, current and former American officials are now using the failed attack to push for more airport scanners to spot such explosives — and a lot more.

4. "USMC Anbar Awakening Report Faults U.S."  Marines lay blame and give own analysis of what turned the tide in Iraq.

Representative Sample: The U.S. Marine Corps recently released a study on the turn of the Sunni tribes in Anbar, Iraq, against al Qaeda beginning in 2007, and the paper is gaining attention for both its approach and its message, purposeful or not

5. "Of No Practical Significance" Short but good rant.

Representative Sample: We confuse rights with privileges, and assign them to those who don't deserve them. We let the passage of time lull us into a sense of complacency. We make it difficult for those who want to do the right thing to keep their jobs, much less advance the state of national security

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