Sunday, December 6, 2009

HOT5 Daily 12/6/2009

1. "The Zero-Sacrifice Presidency" A good summary analysis of Obama.

Representative Sample: Obama tells us that we can have quality, universal health care without increasing the deficit. He tells us that he intends to have the 9/11 detainees given a fair trial in a civilian court but assures us that the trials will end in convictions. He declares that he will wage war in Afghanistan, but pledges to start bringing the troops home in 18 months. And everybody nevertheless takes these contradictory, irreconcilable statements seriously

2. "Exploding Political Myths" 7 political myths debunked based on census bureau data.

Representative Sample: Myth # 2: White people tend to vote more Republican as opposed to minorities. States with a high percentage of whites show no more tendency to vote for either party.

3. "Someone to blame when disaster strikes" Who better than an imaginary supernatural entity?

Representative Sample: we have a tendency to find intelligent agents to explain events - we've got a 'hyperactive agent detection device'. What's more, he suggests, that's particularly important for things that have gone wrong or caused harm. You can understand this in evolutionary terms, because intelligent agents are the biggest threats to survival.

4. "There's never a shortage of f*&kwits, is there?" The environmentalist nut variety.

Representative Sample:Green groups are simply morons who think saving frogs and cuddling trees (at our expense) will somehow pay for all those comforts and conveniences they take for granted and women's groups have about as much insight into the underlying science of this issue as a chimpanzee does about astrophysics.

5. "Another Blow Against Nuclear Power in the US – History" A case study.

Representative Sample: While I am a supporter of nuclear power and of investing in generating capacity in general, from the moment that this false hope started I have been steadfast in maintaining that virtually no new nuclear plants will be built in the US in the near term, meaning the next 5 or so years.

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