Friday, December 4, 2009

HOT5 Daily 12/4/2009

1. "India on edge" The overall regional dynamic could shift at any time.

Representative Sample: Another major attack would all but force the Indian government to take a much more hostile approach to Pakistan's government, allowing Pakistan's military leadership to set aside attacks on local militants and turn their attention to an enemy they feel less reluctant to antagonize.

2. "Blackwater Founder: Yeah, we were asked to kill al Qaeda leaders and this is bad because, um, why?" Links a very interesting article.

Representative Sample: The Vanity Fair interview of Blackwater's founder Erik Prince is a must read. Despite the author's (or editor's) best at painting Blackwater as an evil corporation (corporation!) Prince comes off the hero, and the naysayers the chumps.

3. "Is America slipping, jaded, or just injured?" The rise of isolationism.

Representative Sample: the perception — right or wrong — is that the world largely fails to appreciate our nation’s generosity, and willingness to sacrifice for humanity’s sake. Some of these thoughts may help explain some of the numbers.

4. "It's a Sign of Things to Come..." Terrorists claiming imaginary rights to use our legal system against us. Good job terrorist rights supporters.

Representative Sample: former Gitmo detainee, now housed in New York, has requested that his case be dismissed because he asserts that the constitutional rights we bestowed on him have been violated:

5. "Cultural Exchange and the Cold War: How the West Won" The Cold War was fought in multiple arenas.

Representative Sample: I will provide today many grains of another explanation—that the end of the Cold War and the collapse of communism were consequences of Soviet contacts and cultural exchanges with the West, and with the United States in particular, over the years that followed the death of Stalin in 1953.

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